Support our Work

There is a lot of work that goes into our two main projects, the lectures on asylum and residence law and the legal advice to refugees in Berlin and its surroundings as well as on Samos. We are happy about everyone who would like to support us.

You don't need to be a member of the board or the RLC Berlin e.V. or have any previous knowledge in the respective areas of the working groups. If you are interested in the work of one or more of the working groups just write an email to the contact person of the group. He oder she will give you all the information about the next meeting and the current topic.


Working Group Training

The working group training is mainly concerned with the conception of the lectures which is done in close cooperation with the lecturers and the office. At the moment the working group is mainly focusing  on improving the accessibility of the lecture for refugees and non-lawyers by organising workshops and initiating tandems between lawyers and non-lawyers and German native speakers and non-native speakers.

Working Group Legal Advice

This working group is respnsible for the interests of our legal advisors in Berlin. Its main tasks are to assure the quality of the legal consulting and to organise the introductory consulting workshop. The working group legal advice works in close cooperation with the office.

Working Group Samos

In order to offer information on legal and asylum procedures also at the European external borders the Refugee Law Clinic has established a legal information project on the greek island of Samos. There legal advisors give workshops on the asylum procedure and offer individual case care.


Working Group Public Relations & Network

The working group is responsible for the Refugee Law Climic's media presence. They are in charge of all social media channels as well as the website in close cooperation with the office. Th working group forwards calls for demonstrations and event announcements to the legal advisors, the participants of the the lecture and members of the association. Its main focus currently is on the revision of the website and a social media presence that is more target oriented.

Working Group Finances

The working group Manager the membership applications, membership fees, incomig donations and the reimbursement of expenses.

Working Group Events

The working group organises meetings of the legal advisors, networking events, panel discussions, film screenings and other Formats on asylum and residence law in close cooperation with external speakers.

Working Group Social Affairs

The working group takes care of the atmosphere in the association and acts as a mediator in conflict situations and a moderator of controversial discussions.