There are no fair asylum procedures without legal counseling

The Refugee Law Clinic Berlin e.V. is a student association at the Humboldt University of Berlin.  We provide free of charge and independent legal counseling for refugees and migrants in Berlin and on the greek island of Samos. 

The Concept of the Law Clinic

The concept of the Law Clinic is to produce a win-win-situation:

On the one hand students can specialize in a field of law and to practice what they have learned while being under legal supervision. On the other hand we offer low-threshold and free legal counseling.

Access to justice for all

Being given rights does not automatically mean to also be able to get access to these rights.

Especially for refugees and migrants there are several barriers when it comes to the enforcement of their rights. That is why they are guaranteed procedural counseling by European law in order to secure a faire asylum procedure. This guarantee is neither being completely fulfilled in Germany nor at Europe's external borders. 


More migration law in legal studies

In order to prepare committed people for our counseling we offer a training cycle in asylum and residence law. With those lectures we close a gap in the University's curriculum as there are no lectures on this topic in the Berlin law schools despite its high relevance.


We strive for more state responsibility 

When it comes to the asylum procedure he german administration is often unsatisfactory. We keep up our work as a societal responsibility but strive for clear responsibility of the state: It cannot be the task of private organizations and volunteers to make up for the delay of the state!


We stand for progressive migration politics: #LeaveNoOneBehind

A critical perspective on the European migration policies shows that Europe does not fulfill its role as a human rights based union of values. With our legal counseling project on the greek island of Samos we actively take a stand against the European isolation policies at the Union's borders. In doing that we take on our societal responsibility and are open for constructive cooperations and partnerships fighting for access to justice and progressive migration policies.

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We #StayHome but keep fighting for #AccessToJustice

Our Team

The RLC Berlin consists of almost 300 members who are united by their commitment to access to justice for all. Besides many students, people of different professions and age groups are involved in the work of our association. The different projects of the association are coordinated by the board and the office and actively supported by our association members.


The Office

Due to the Corona Virus we cannot hold office hours at the moment. Please contact us via e-mail.

In our office at the law Faculty of the Humboldt-University Berlin our student assistants Katharina Stübinger, Rhea Kummer, Atousa Mozaffari and Greta Wessing as well as our research assistant Safiye Sahin take care of the daily business of the RLC Berlin. That includes:

  • Lecture support 

  • Support and coordination of the legal advisers

  • Coordination of the legal supervision for the legal advisers

  • Organisation of events

  • Administrative work


Rhea grief

Greta Wessing

After two years as co-chair, Greta is now in her third year supporting the RLC Berlin board. Since completing her counselling training in August 2018, she first counseled in Marienfelde and spent a few months in our legal information project in Samos in early 2021. She is currently preparing for her first state exam. 

Atousa Mozaffari

Atousa studies law at the HU Berlin and has been a member of the RLC since 2014. Since September 2020, she has been actively involved as SHK in the GS and association work and is responsible in particular for finances, financial planning and writing funding applications. In addition, Atousa is also part of the Education, the Counselling and the Event team. Here she takes on administrative and organisational tasks, assists with the organisation of the training cycle, accompanies the associated lecture and supports with event and workshop planning.  

Rhea is a 6th semester law student at HU and has been a member of the office since October 2020. She is an integral part of the public relations and counselling working groups. She has also been actively advising in the Legal Advice Team for Women since September 2020.

Abdulkader Birawi

Abdulkader studiert im Bachelor Mechatronik an der BHT und ist seit Oktober 2021 Mitglied der Geschäftsstelle. Er ist fester Bestandteil der AG Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und AG Finanzen.


Board of the association

elected in February 2021

next General Meeting presumably in February 2022

Our board of the association works on a voluntary basis and is in close contact with our office and all those involved in the association. Monthly organizational meetings, which are open to all members of the association, are the starting point of our manifold work. 


Laura Konrad


Laura completed the 2019/20 training cycle and has been working as a counsellor since then. She has been co-chair of the association since February 2021.

Zoran Bulut


Zozan comes from Cologne, studied cultural and social anthropology in Vienna for her Bachelor's degree and is currently doing her Master's at the Free University of Berlin. In her studies, in her job and in her voluntary work, she has always focused on the topic of migration. This motivation led to RLC and the training cycle that started in winter semester 2020.  

Jakob Feddersen


Jakob is a 6th semester law student at Humboldt University, having completed the training cycle in August 2019. He has been on the board since 2020 and is now in his second year on the board. As treasurer, he is part of the Finance team and takes care of the association account and membership administration.


Greta Wessing

After two years as co-chair, Greta is now in her third year supporting the RLC Berlin board. Since completing her counselling training in August 2018, she first counseled in Marienfelde and spent a few months in our legal information project in Samos in early 2021. She is currently preparing for her first state exam. 

Sophie Mattiuzzo

Sophie is in her 6th semester of studying music at the University of the Arts, in the artistic-pedagogical training with flute as her main subject. Since 2016, she has been working on and off in community shelters in Berlin and Italy, this eventually led her to the RLC. She started the training cycle in winter 2020. She is currently attending the summer semester of the training. She joined the board in February 2021. As a result, she joined the Training and Counselling team.

Nora Gohrt

Nora is now in her third year on the board of RLC Berlin. She works as an advisor in the Neukölln team. Since spring 2019, she has been part of the Samos working group and represents it on the board. Additionally, she is part of the Counselling team and co-founded the working group Syria in December 2020.

Marian Max Rütsche.jpg

Lorenz Böttcher

Lorenz has been studying law at Humboldt University since 2016. He completed our training cycle in 2017 and has already served on the board as treasurer between 2017 and 2019. 

Max Rütsche

Max completed the training cycle of the RLC 2016/17. He has been active in consulting since 2019, and on the board since 2020.

Esma Abderrahmane

Esma is a 2nd semester law student at Humboldt University and is currently still in the 2020/2021 training cycle. She has been a part of the board since February 2021.


Paula Milanowski

Paula completed a Bachelor's degree in Geography with a focus on Political Geography and Migration in Berlin and Lisbon until 2018. At the moment, she is studying law in the fourth semester at Humboldt University and is participating in the RLC training cycle. 

Our lecturers for the lectures of our training cycle

Winter semester 2021/22

Pauline Endres de Oliveira & Barbara Wessel

Summer semester 2022

Johanna Mantel

Every year we offer low-threshold and free access to information on asylum and residence law with our lecture series and at the same time train new legal advisors for the RLC Berlin. Without our great lecturers, who give a comprehensive lecture every year that is always on the latest topics in the field of asylum and residence law, we could never implement this concept. Thank you for your support!

Pauline Endres de Oliveira.jpg

© Amnesty International / Andreas Chudowski


Pauline Endres de Oliveira

Johanna Mantel

Barbara Wessel

Pauline Endres de Oliveira works at the Justus Liebig University in one  Research project on global migration  and is doing her doctorate on the legal aspects of secure access routes for those seeking protection in the EU. Pauline has been a lecturer for the RLC Berlin since 2015. Pauline is a member of Amnesty International's Asylum Commission and a member of the board of directors of the human rights organization 
JUMEN  and  Member of the editorial board of the constitution blog .

Barbara Wessel has been a lecturer at RLC Berlin since the winter semester 2020/2021. She has been working as a lawyer since 2002, specializing in asylum and residence law and family law. She also advises on  Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany  as with the  Lesbian Advice Berlin eV  on all asylum, residence and family law issues, especially for binational couples.

Johanna Mantel works as legal advisor and co-editor of the Asylmagazin at the Informationsverbund Asyl und Migration ( ). Since founding the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin, she has been teaching asylum and residence law as a lecturer at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Supervision care

Since 2018 supervisor at RLC Berlin

Anya Lean

Due to the legal advice we offer, it is mandatory that our advisors regularly take part in supervision. Our supervision is supervised by fully qualified lawyers who are themselves active in asylum and residence law. We also use the supervision to ensure that our consultants continue to stay up to date in the field of law in order to ensure, among other things, the quality of the advice. Apart from the regular appointments, our consultants can email our supervisors at any time to obtain an expert opinion on urgent questions. We therefore really appreciate the great support from our supervisors.


Anya Lean

Anya studied law in Tübingen, Antwerp and Göttingen. She did her legal clerkship in Berlin. She has been working as a lawyer specializing in migration law since 2015. She has also been a specialist lawyer for migration law since 2018. RLC Berlin has been accompanying Anya since 2018  as a case supervisor.