About us

The Refugee Law Clinic Berlin e.V. is a student association at the Humboldt University of Berlin which offers free and competent legal advice for refugees and migrants in Berlin. For this purpose we offer a one-year training cycle where we train committed people to become volunteer legal advisors. At the same time our courses on migration law also fill a gap in the university curriculum. Through our training courses and regular events, we want to contribute to the social debate on how to deal with migration properly. 


Despite the fact that the number of asylum applications has fallen, administrative practice is still inadequate. The great need for free and independent legal advice on asylum procedures also continues. This applies in particular to outsourced accommodation outside the cities. We will continue to offer our voluntary based services, however we believe that in the long run, the state should take its responsibilities instead of depending on volunteers doing its work. Our main demand is for the state to provide independent, professional and individual procedural legal counselling to guide people through asylum procedures.

Learn more about our work in our mission statement and our association statute. Unfortunately there is no English translation available at the momemt.