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Legal information project on Samos

Since February 2018, the RLC Berlin has been offering preparation for the hearing in the asylum procedure, legal information workshops and information on family reunification as part of a legal information project on Samos.


The project was founded by members of the RLC Berlin as a reaction to the European externalisation policy.

The situation on Samos

Since EU-Turkey agreement entered into force and the hotspots on the Greek islands were established, the situation for refugees has worsened considerably.

The long duration of asylum procedures forces asylum seekers to live in camps on the islands, sometimes for several years, in unsustainable sanitary, hygienic and social conditions.

On Samos alone, around 7,000 asylum seekers are currently stranded in a camp designed for almost 650 people. As a result of their isolation from civil society and the overburdening of the few local lawyers, asylum seekers are effectively denied access to independent information on legal matters and the asylum procedure. This leads to a lack of information about the course of the asylum procedure and the rights of persons seeking protection.

In addition to improving humanitarian conditions, independent procedural information is urgently needed to ensure access to justice.

Our team on Samos

Our legal advice centre on Samos is open all year round. Legal advisors are on the island for at least six weeks, coordinators for at least three months at a time. In order to prepare the teams for the specifics of working on Samos, especially those of the EU-Turkey agreement, additional training is given before departure.

Our work

On Samos, the team provides general information several times a week in various languages (e.g. Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, French) on the asylum procedure in the EU and on procedural rights. In addition to that, individual appointments are made with persons seeking advice in order to address individual questions.

The project focuses on the topics of preparation for hearings in the asylum procedure, the rights of particularly vulnerable persons and family reunification under the Dublin III Regulation.

Our orga team


Andreas Eibelshäuser

Jenny Fleischer

Nora Gohrt

Franziska Schmidt

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