Nina’s speech on #WorldRefugeeDay2021

My name is Nina and I am a legal advisor in the women's counselling team of the

Refugee Law Clinic Berlin.

I want to talk to you about my experiences with the German and international asylum system.

In the legal counselling of refugees, my colleagues and I see the discrimination

and existential fear that refugees and migrants are confronted with every day,

due to an unfair and non-transparent asylum system that leaves one no liberties or self-determination for years on end.

The asylum-centers were not accessible during Corona, the asylum procedures

were put on hold and people were held in a limbo of uncertainty and kept away

with the excuse that they had no capacity. Yet deportations were carried out, despite closed borders and lockdown.

Poverty, civil wars, hunger, natural disasters or lack of prospects are not

recognized reasons for flight. They are just as deadly, but are not seen as reason

enough for people to have to leave their country. Neither are female genital

mutilation and cutting, nor other sexualized gender-based violence.

People seeking protection are divided into categories according to their countries

of origin, regardless of the reasons for which they have fled. This p