Europe 2020

What is currently happening on Europe's external borders, is not acceptable. Greek authorities are using tear gas and stun grenades against those seeking protection at the Turkish-Greek border. On top of that, Greece has announced the suspension of the right of asylum for one month, which violates human rights and the fundamental values of the European Union, to which you have also committed yourself. How long does the EU intends to watch these human rights violations and accordingly allowing these conditions to continue? When will the EU finally act and stand up for the human rights, it has itself committed to?


It is up to us to urge our politicians to represent the interest of their voters and to do everything possible, to end this intolerable situation.

You can find a template for a letter/ email and templates for postcards to send to MEPs. Furthermore you can easily find out their postal adresse and e-mail adresse via the excel table below. Just filter the list by party, state or name. Feel free to individualise the content of the letter/ email. To reach as many MEPs as possible use the mail merge feature of Word/ Outlook (You can find all information on how that works here). If you change the language of this website to German all materials will be available in German. 

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