Become a Legal Advisor for the RLC Berlin e.V. 

"introduction to the German and European asylum system"

winter semester
(october - february, 2 hrs./week)

summer semester
(april - july, 2 hrs./week)

"german and europe asylum law - consulting cases from practice"

(2 days)

optional for experienced counsellors or lawyers

minimum stay of six weeks required

at least three weeks of 12 hours each with a lawyer for asylum and residence law

semester break

at least two hospitations in existing consulting teams of the RLC Berlin 

summer semester

obligation to participate regularly in legal supervision

after the introductory consulting workshop


Future legal advisors are obliged to do an internship in the field of asylum and residence law in which the theoretical knowledge of the lecture is to be deepened in practical application.

Advanced Lecture

Those who want to get engaged as legal advisors then visit the advanced lecture in the summer semester. The advanced lecture provides practical insights into asylum and residence law.


In order to get a deeper impression in the counseling practice we ask those who want to join us as legal advisors to observe one or more established teams of the Law Clinic at least twice during the summer semester. If you are interested you can contact the teams of your choice via mail and discuss the details with them.

Introductory Consultant Workshop

Participation at the workshop is obligatory for those who wish to become legal advisors for the RLC Berlin. Participation for those who do not want to become part of a consulting team is possible after individual agreement and depending on capacities. The workshop serves to impart particularly practice-relevant information as well as to get to know old and new legal advisors of the RLC Berlin.

Legal Advice

At the moment the RLC Berlin has 13 active consulting teams in Berlin and the surrounding area. Our legal advisors always have the opportunity to contact our legal supervision team via email with questions regarding their cases. In addition to that group meetings take place twice a month, during which the advisors can present their cases and get information on new developments in the legal situation or the practice of the authorities. Participation in the group meetings of the legal supervision is mandatory for active legal advisors of the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin.

Volunteering on Samos, Greece

The Refugee Law Clinic Berlin is looking for volunteers (law students or lawyers) who wish to be part of the legal team on Samos from January to end of April 2020. A minimum stay of six weeks is required, with even longer stays preferred. Shorter stays are possible for practicing migration lawyers. Accommodation will be provided; travel costs are self-financed (please note: RLC Berlin may be able to cover travel costs if a stay on Samos would not otherwise be possible).

Students enrolled at a European University who wish to stay for more than two months (60 days) can apply for funding by Erasmus+ (~450€/month). RLC Berlin can assist with the procedure.


Volunteers will receive a training before leaving for Samos. If you are interesting in volunteering please send us a short message describing your counseling experience in migration law and your CV as well as the proposed dates of stay to: